One year after the accreditation extension of our LAT 142 Centre for the calibration of linear measurement systems through laser interferometer, we can confirm that our clients have given us positive feedback on this activity.

On 23 November 2020, after our technicians worked hard on all the necessary activities to obtain the accreditation, the accreditation committee of the Calibration Lab Department finally issued their approval.

This result widely rewarded us for our efforts and exceeded our expectations.

In 2021, many companies contacted our centre to have, among others, their single axis measuring systems calibrated under accreditation, allowing our technicians to expand their competences and solve calibration issues they did not imagine could exist.

The expertise we have obtained led us to look for further enhancements and refine the whole calibration process through comparison with the INRIM (National Institute of Metrology Research) labs, which we would like to thank for the important contribution to the field of metrology.

Accreditamento LAT Accredia su verifica della rotondità

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