We are constantly seeking efficiency and optimising processes, we monitor them in every single step, we train our staff and develop new solutions: these are the key values that allow us to offer our customers a reliable and effective service.


Measurement and control tools ensure the market suitability of products, therefore they need to be efficient and have an error that is proportionally adequate to the tolerances of the piece they need to control and of what they need to ensure.
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Gestione Taratura Strumenti di Misurazione

Software for the management of equipment

We offer an online software that allows us to manage all the equipment by keeping track of calibrations and updating the status of the tools to be verified.
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Riparazione Strumenti di Misurazione

Tool reparation

Beside our core business of tool calibration, we also offer repairing services with guaranteed and certified results. Read More.

Collaudi Dimensionali

Dimensional testing

We carry out dimensional tests on manufactured goods for lots of any size. Read More.

Corsi di Formazione di Metrologia

Metrology courses

The expertise and know-how of our specialised technicians allow us to offer a wide range of courses in several fields of metrology. Read More.

Precision is our job

Metrological Laboratory of Calibration

  • Specific advice on the assignment of MPE value to the tool

  • Metrological confirmation

  • Tool shift analysis and management

  • Measurement tool repairing

  • Dimensional testing

  • Metrology courses

  • Measurement tool calibration

  • Referred calibration reports

  • Calibration certificates issued by LAT/ACCREDIA

  • Management of calibration frequency

  • Expiring tool recall

  • Issuing of tool sheets

  • Tool sheet management with event update


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