Our clients often ask us to help them manage their equipment, since they do not own a system to catalogue their tools and store calibration certificates. Many of them told us they lack the tools to track the history of all the calibrations that their equipment was subjected to, or that their software is not effective enough to achieve that goal.

For this reason, we created Calibro, a software that was specifically developed to allow our clients to manage all company equipment in full autonomy. Users can access this software from any PC or mobile device through a cloud platform, by entering the credentials of the account we create for them.

Catalogo dei servizi di taratura del laboratorio metrologico Sdm Measuring Instruments

Calibro includes a user-friendly interface, which allows users to gain confidence with its usage in just a few simple steps. Here is a short list of the functions that users can access:

  • Viewing and downloading the list of their active tools and those in calibration;
  • Updating the database by adding new items and their corresponding data, such as brand, model, serial number, MPE, etc.;
  • Uploading calibration certificates;
  • Defining calibration frequencies;
  • Managing metrological confirmation.

This way, clients will be able to find any information regarding every single item whenever they need it, and easily track the corresponding history through all registered and stored data.

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