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  • Knowing the issues in measuring roughness and roundness.
  • Getting a deeper knowledge about the operation of roughness meters and roundness meters.
  • Being able to check the roughness and roundness parameters using the most adequate method.
  • Knowing how to correctly use a roughness meter and a roundness meter.
  • Knowing how to make the best use of the measuring capacity of roughness meters and roundness meters.
  • Knowing the most frequent error sources while using roughness meters and roundness meters.


    • Basics of shape and profile measurements.
    • Measuring parameters of roughness and roundness: definitions, meaning and utility.
    • Description of roughness meter and roundness meter: part names, operating principle and application field.
    • Measuring methods, measures to be taken, situations to be avoided when measuring roughness and roundness.
    • Periodic checks and routine maintenance on roughness meter and roundness meter.
    • Typical errors in roughness and roundness measuring: error sources and how to minimise them.
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