On 7 November 2013 a training course will be held in our laboratory, targeted to all companies willing to improve their metrology know-how.

Testing and quality control staff

To understand the decision-making rules for proving conformity or non-conformity of products and measuring instruments to stated tolerances.
To understand the importance of the measurement uncertainty evaluation in tolerancing
To understand the proper relationship between uncertainty and tolerance
To be able to perform a cost analysis involving uncertainty and tolerance
To perform compliance testing of a measuring instrument taking into account the uncertainty of the calibration.

S.D.M. Measuring Intruments
via Palasciano, 29
59100 Prato ( PO)

Introduction to UNI EN ISO 14253-1 standard
Definition of http://lungomareoakland.com/order/ measured value, nominal value, compliance, tolerance
Basic metrological concepts: The measurement uncertainty, calibration and performance verification of an instrument.
The concept of safe compliance area, non-compliance area and viagra online real ambiguity
The relationship between measurement propecia online pharmacy uncertainty and tolerance in production processes
Cost analysis in the process of verification of compliance
Compliance testing of measuring instruments
The metrological confirmation process and the required records
Management of the calibration results, review of calibration intervals, adjustment, intermediate inspections.

Verification of compliance of a product to tolerances, taking into account the measurement uncertainty
Performance testing of a measuring instrument against the maximum permitted error, stated on its calibration certificate.