Metrological Confirmation

In addition to the standard calibration service, we offer an additional analysis of measurement results, known as metrological confirmation.  This concept affects the need for periodical calibration of any type of measurement instrument.

Every measuring instrument has by its nature an error that drifts over time because of mechanical wear or electricity. Metrological confirmation is a set of operations required to ensure that measuring equipment conforms to the requirements for its intended use.

It is therefore necessary to define a criterion of acceptability for the instrument, called MPE (Maximum Permissible Error = Maximum allowable error ) and perform metrological confirmation by comparing the values from the calibration with the MPE.


Metrological confirmation by S.D.M. is a part of the calibration process, it can be viewed by the customer himself through online access protected by password, and is certified after the return of the instruments, thus validating and certifying the work performed (including metrological confirmation).

WORK-FLOW OF CALIBRATION SERVICE including metrological confirmation


When the customer receives his instrument, after the calibration inspection, the online gauge management system displays following data:

  • Instrument database entry updated with events
  • Calibration due datet
  • Metrological confirmation.

In addition to this service, S.D.M. Measuring Instruments also performs a drift analysis on the measuring instrument.