S.D.M. Measuring Instruments offers a calibration instruments service that goes beyond mere verification of the calibration. Exploit the know-how of our metrology center and take advantage of the following skills:

  • Inspection of calibration instruments
  • Management of the calibration deadlines of your measuring instruments 
  • Recall of the calibration deadline for your instruments
  • Metrological confirmation
  • Analysis of measuring instrument drift
  • Support and consulting in calculating and defining the specific instrument MPE value
  • Support and consulting in defining correct calibration procedures
  • Repair, inspection and adjustment of your measuring instruments

S.D.M. Measuring Instruments issues both LAT/ACCREDIA Calibration Certificates (for accredited units) and Calibration Reports (conforming to the requirements of the ISO 9000 standards).

An innovative formula in the management of the calibration service (an additional fee applies)

internet-worldWhat is considered an additional service by other calibration laboratories, is a standard with us.  Calibration service by S.D.M. is organised according to a completely new formula, compared to what the customer is ‘typically’ expecting from a calibration laboratory.

S.D.M. Measuring Instruments offers much more than just the calibration certificate and/or calibration report in paper format along with the measuring instruments.

S.D.M. customers are able to monitor the work in progress, through a password-protected access, and view anytime the status of their instruments, having thus their full traceability during the calibration process.

In addition, every instrument entering S.D.M. calibration laboratory has a web database entry, with instruments detail. This entry is updated with the calibration date, calibration due date, certificate number and, if required, also the PDF document. This updated online database can be used to monitor and check the status and the calibration due date for all measuring instruments, and provide an history of calibrations/events.

S.D.M. Measuring Instruments guarantees the completion of the calibration process within 5 days, for all calibration services perfomed inside the laboratory. Unforeseen circumstances are duly notified.  Instruments being repaired, or calibration services performed outside the laboratory (i.e. by other service providers or external calibration laboratories) are not included in the 5 day deadline.

In addition, customers can delegate S.D.M. to perform the metrological confirmation, certified by the customer via web service, as well as managing the tracking of  the instrumental drift, thus optimising the recalibration intervals, conforming to common sense evaluations and the real needs.

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE : Includes access to S.D.M. Measuring Instruments web link, the customer will be able to display a database entry for each instrument sent to calibration, with instrument data and calibration date, calibration report number and/or LAT/ACCREDIA calibration certificate.

The Calibration Report and/or LAT Calibration Certificate is printed on paper and delivered with the measuring instrument.

The customer will inform S.D.M. Measuring Instruments about the required calibration frequency for that particular instrument, this information will be updated on the web service, a calibration label on the instrument shows the next calibration due date, and the system will notify the customer on time, when the next calibration date is approaching. The customer can therefore use the S.D.M. Measuring Instruments portal as a real gauge management system. Calibration after calibration, the customer will have all updated information available online (calibration date, calibration due date and related PDF document).

It is advisable to replace the printing of the calibration certificate and/or calibration report with the PDF document, giving thus a significant added value to the management system. The PDF certificate is linked to the database entry. The customer can thus access the online database and view all updated information such as the calibration date, the certificate and/or calibration report number, the next due date and the link to PDF certificates/reports. History data of all events are saved permanently on the web, along with the relevant certificates. S.D.M. Measuring Instruments portal is then available anytime to the customer as a platform for fast and easy access and search, i.e. during an audit by the certification body.

N.B. Unless specifically requested, S.D.M. Measuring Instruments will always issue the Calibration Report and/or LAT/ACCREDIA Calibration Certificate on paper. The PDF document on the web should be specifically requested, it does not imply any additional cost, replaces the document on paper, and provides an added value. The option ‘certificate on paper or on the web’ must be specified during the check-in of the instruments.

S.D.M. ensures the completion of the calibration process and check-in to shipping within 5 days, unless the customer requires S.D.M. to perform the metrological confirmation.


In addition to the standard calibration service, we offer an additional analysis of measurement results, known as metrological confirmation.

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A graph of the MPE (maximum permissible value) shows the performance of the measuring instrument and its drift over time.

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