Look for those who know how to give value to your instruments.

We share your values, research new solutions, invest in training to ensure the highest reliability in the calibration and metrological confirmation of your measuring instruments. We listen instead of talking, we offer solutions instead of making promises. This is what has allowed us to grow over time and be able to assist you as a reliable partner, every day.
Every customer (end-user of the service), which relies on S.D.M. Measuring Instruments for the  calibration of his instruments, receives a personal password to access the database..
Although the main activity is the calibration, an equally important activity carried out by S.D.M. Measuring Instruments is the measuring instruments repair service.
We are able to carry out dimensional inspection on both small and large batches.
One of the duties of a LAT accredited metrology center is the training for industrial customers. We have always focused on this activity.

Why choose us

  • Competence
  • Accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Reliability