Measuring instruments repair service

Despite the predominant activity has now become the Calibration Service, an equally important aspect of the activities carried out by our company is the Repair Service of measuring instruments.

SDM-5The repair activity measuring instruments dates back to our origins, when Alessandro Landucci started his activity, in the early 90s, providing technical support on TESA instruments, as product engineer, improving his know-how and supporting his partners and employees. More than 20 years have passed, but we are driven by the same spirit and passion for our profession.

Through a staff of competent technicians, the measuring instruments repair service now runs  alongside the calibration service performed by our metrology laboratory, with the warranty and certification of repair services.

S.D.M. metrological laboratory uses only original spare parts.

We repair following brands: TESA, Mahr, COMPAC, ETALON, MAUSER, BORLETTI,  ALPA, BOWERS, Mitutoyo, KAFER, Kroeplin,  Rambold etc.