The efficiency in the management of calibration services provided by our laboratory is the real added value to our activities, with a service that goes far beyond the single (and ‘typical)’ calibration task. We are able to monitor step by step the entire calibration process in S.D.M., not only by batch/lot, but for every single measuring instrument, and we give our customers the same possibility, through our web service.


To ensure our services, our laboratory is equipped with the most modern technology available on the market, including dedicated equipment for calibration, software for calibration, measurement and analysis, laser for marking and identification of products. We set as a goal to complete calibration tasks  within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the material and customer’s PO.

In addition to calibration verification we can perform further analysis, such as:

In addition to the standard calibration service, we offer an additional analysis of measurement results, known as metrological confirmation.

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A graph of the MPE (maximum permissible value) shows the performance of the measuring instrument and its drift over time.

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